Bake Off


The term "Bake Off" comes from playwright Paula Vogel who used it to describe a writing exercise where writers had to create a script using assigned themes and elements in a short period of time. We here at Goose Thunder, plan to open a similar exercise to our fellow podcasters.

To start, we send out a list of five "ingredients" for you to include in a short, 10-15 page, script. Then you will have 36 hours to go forth and write, finding a way to incorporate all these elements into your story.

At the end of those 36 hours, you submit your completed script to a Google Form, posted on our website. Then, tune back in on a later date to hear a couple of our favorites get performed by a few of our talented Goose Thunder actors!

We do not have any Bake Offs scheduled at this time. Stay tuned to our Twitter to know exactly when we plan to host another one! Until then, you can check out our previous Bake Offs and recorded streams here.

The Rules

  • You must include ALL the ingredients provided. There is room for interpretation though, so get creative!
  • Scripts may not include more than 5 speaking characters.
  • Scripts may not exceed 15 pages, not including title and character list. Please submit all scripts in a PDF format
  • This is a challenge made to lift up our fellow podcasters and as such, hateful rhetoric will not be accepted.
  • Scripts must be created to suit a solely audio based medium. As a podcasting network, we're looking for your audio drama style stories.
  • Have fun!


  • I'm not a part of the Network? Can I participate?
  • Certainly! Everyone is welcome, whether they are a part of the Network or not. However, all characters will be voiced by Network members for the livestream.
  • I've never written anything before? Can I join?
  • Of course! Those who have never written before and those who write all the time are welcome to participate. No matter your background, you're free to take part.
  • GTPN only accepts +18 into their network, is there an +18 age limit for this as well?
  • While it is true our Network only accepts applicants who are over 18, folks of all ages are welcome to take part in our Bake Off.
  • I missed your last Bake Off, are you gonna hold another one? When?
  • Most likely, however, at this point in time, there is no exact date planned for the next Bake Off.

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