The Producer

Name: Lady Renaissance
Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: Project Ozma (Viza)
About: Jade is a New Jersey-based voice actor. They have worked exclusively in audio fiction as well as in musical theater outside of VA work. They have a love for podcasts, both established and new, and are always ready to listen to the next one. They believe in gender-neutral casting for all types of entertainment and advocate for it strongly.
Contact Info: @renrenlady on Twitter, ladyrenaissance on TikTok

The Members

Name: Christy
Role(s): Creator
GTPN Shows: Professionally Possessed (Creator)
About: Christy is a writer/storyteller interested in telling stories in the medium that fits them best. She is currently working on a novel- Tombstone: A Native's Guide, a visual novel game- One to Three: Sovereignty, and an audio drama podcast- Professionally Possessed. She also enjoys doing western martial arts (medieval sword fighting), pottery, and contra dancing.
Contact Info: @cmmendio (Twitter), (Email)

Name: Chandler Harrison
Role(s): Writer, Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: Project Ozma (Wylde)
About: Chandler is a writer, singer, and part-time voice actor native to the Baltimore area. Her work includes providing the voice of Wylde in the GTPN show Project Ozma and working as a member of the writing team for What Will Be Here. Aside from podcasting, her other passions include making/reading comics, character design, writing prose, and needlework of all kinds. Contact Info: (Website), (Email)

Name: Clary
Role(s): Graphic designer
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Clary Cheung (they/them) is an artist-slash-uni student currently based in the UK, and in addition to being very into podcasts, also enjoys drawing art for said podcasts.
Contact Info: @smolghostings (Twitter/Tumblr)

Name: Di Reese
Role(s): Writer
GTPN Shows: Professionally Possessed (Writer)
About: Di Reese is a self-proclaimed artist, podcaster, and all-out disaster. Di was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently lives in California. She works on a webcomic called Love Sick on Webtoon. She was a co-writer for What Will Be Here, a sci-fi podcast about the future. Di's hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and music. She's got a lot of idea's for stories to come and is hoping that one day she can get them all out
Contact Info: @ReeseHadiya (Twitter), @doodles_by_di (Instagram), (Email)

Name: Dianne
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Dianne is a Philippines-based voice actor. In her free time, she likes to listen to history podcasts and has a soft spot for science fiction.
Contact Info: (Email)

Name: Frank Zinsius

Role(s): Writer
GTPN Shows: Last Call at Bluebell Cafe (Klei/Writer)
About: Frank is an Ohio-based writer. He is one of the writers for Human Error and wrote for Last Call at the Bluebell Cafe, WZED, and The Lavender Ladies. He also was a voice actor on WZED and Last Call at the Bluebell Cafe
Contact Info: @fzinsius (Twitter)

Name: Gina
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Gina has flexed her voice acting skills for various animations, video games, and audio dramas. Her most recent works include Juniper in the web animation Axiom, Tessica in the Mysticborn Productions audio drama Lilies and Lilacs as well as Judge Tawny in the visual novel Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle. If you're looking for a lower registered VA, Gina is happy to oblige!
Contact Info: @GinaM9816 (Twitter)

Name: Izzy
Role(s): Writer
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Izzy is an aspiring editor with a love of writing, reading, cross-stitching and poisonous plants. She is the creator of A June Bug's Ballad and a writer for Human Error.
Contact Info: @puddlesontherocks (Tumblr)

Name: Jenny Pan
Role(s): Writer
About: Jenny is currently a third-year university student studying illustration. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and has ventured into scriptwriting for podcasts a couple of years ago with an as of yet unreleased sci-fi podcast she created with her university friends. She also dabbles in voice acting, and you can hear her voice as many an extra on Under The Electric Stars, as well as in WS Taylor in Season 3 of Boston Harbor Horror Presents.
Contact Info: (Email), im trying my best#6721 (Discord)

Name: Kiana Triana

Role(s): Voice Actor, Writer, Creator
GTPN Shows: Last Call at Bluebell Cafe (Alex & Kai's Mom/Mailperson/Customer #2)
About: Kiana was born and raised in the Bay Area (CA), and is now a writer and actor based in Southern California. In her free time, she likes to read and play videogames, when her cat's not sitting on her keyboard.
Contact Info (optional): @kiana.triana (Instagram), @kianatree (Twitter), (Website)

Name: Meg Rhone
Role(s): Voice actor
GTPN Shows: N/A
About: Meg is a Canadian actress and trained singer. She's had the privilege of being seen onstage in many theatrical productions, including The Threepenny Opera, The Laramie Project, and Little Shop of Horrors. Her voice can be heard in the sci-fi audio drama ARCA-45672 as Roya Khan, for which she was nominated as Best Actress in the 2019 AudioVerse Awards. She is currently developing a fantasy epic with the intention to bring it to life through animation. Meg is also an avid backcountry adventurer, has a taste for exotic cheeses, and tries to befriend every dog she meets.

Name: Megan
Role(s): Creator
GTPN Shows: Lonely Roads (Creator)
About: Megan is a writer, maker of bad puns, and lover of all things genre fiction, hailing from the frozen shores of Wisconsin. Contact Info: @MegWegenke (Twitter)

Name: Mel
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Mel (she/her) is a stage and voice actress based in the Washington, DC area. She can be heard as Dr. Lisa Waterman in Verdant Heart (Speak to it Productions), in Breathing Space: Fading Frontier as Maria in the episode "I Walk These Hills" and True in the episode "My Stars Will Never Leave Me" (Law of Names Media), and as Odysseus in Knöves Storytelling Collective's upcoming The Western Chorus.
Contact Info: Mel_A_Nichols (Twitter)

Name: Perry P.
Role(s): Writer
GTPN Shows: Last Call at Bluebell Cafe (Writer)
About: Perry is a writer, illustrator, and all-around TTRPG enthusiast. They have too many cats (five).
Contact Info: @perringwrites (Tumblr)

Name: Rebecca
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Rebecca Krause (she/her) is a stage and voice actress and singer based in the US with a passion for telling meaningful stories under any circumstances. Rebecca's other hobbies include long-distance running, writing, and consuming art in all its forms. In addition to her upcoming roles as Helen of Troy in The Western Chorus and Amy Bollinger in Boston Harbor Horror, she can currently be heard as Van Helsing on Murray Mysteries, Alizia Stokes in Breathing Space, Fading Frontiers, and Essie Fackleman in Puppeteer's Farm.
Contact Info: @bos10blonde (Twitter)

Name: Rey Vargas
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Rey was born and raised in the Philippines and is now based in Australia. They have work in audio fiction podcasts, theatre, and prose. When they're not dabbling in All the mediums, Rey can be found studying at university or playing with dogs. It's most likely the dogs, though.
Contact Info: @smoothmovebr0 (Twitter), (Website)

Name: Sonja or Sirion
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN shows: N/a
About me: Sirion is a VA based in Germany. Recent projects include The Wife in the episode "The Circular" of Sean Heboyer's podcast Constants, The Narrator in the collaborative short film Sea Souls, The Mother in the game trailer for Grief (by Angela Reyna and Teadora Kankaanpää), and Maria in the audio drama Ave Maria (by Banner Productions). Sirion can also be heard in German in several productions of Apart from voice acting, Sirion also loves reading, singing, and TTRPGs.
Contact Info: @sangfugol1 (Twitter)

Name: Yzaura
Role(s): Voice Actor
GTPN Shows: N/a
About: Yzaura is an LA-based voice actor. She has been performing and directing live shows for the last 10+ yrs. She has her own podcast called How About Story where she reads stories with engaging music and sound effects. Yzaura tried her hands on writing an audio drama called Following the Big Bad Wolf: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land. She combined her love of true crime and fairytales to affirm her idea that the Big Bad Wolf is a serial killer on Fairytale Land. She also loves listening to new audio dramas so if you can suggest a new one it will go on the list.

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