Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Goose Thunder Podcasting Network?"

  • Goose Thunder Podcasting Network is an amateur volunteer organization built on the desire to assist young artists in the production of their podcasts and audio dramas. Basically, we're a group of passionate volunteers who've come together to create podcasts!

"What do you do?"

  • We produce podcasts, which in short means we host actors, sound editors, writers, creators, and artists, creating a space for them to collaborate on various projects, and gain immediate access to cast and crew calls.

  • We also host event nights as well as share prompts and exercises for people to engage with creatively.

"Why should I want to be a part of the Network?"

  • We provide great resources and lots of lines of communications for budding content creators, as well as having a few seasoned creators on our team who are always willing to lend a hand with your recent project.

  • We're also really fun to be around, hosting events, posting prompts and exercises for creators to spread their wings.

  • We also accept auditions from people of any skill level, so you can take on new acting, writing, sound editing, etc. experiences as a self-taught artist.

"How do I apply to be part of the Network?"

  • We hold an audition cycle every year from June 15th to September 15th. You can check out more on how applications work on our Apply page.

"I haven't made a podcast before, can I still join the Network?"

  • Of course! We accept auditions from people of any skill level. Even if you've never made a podcast before, we'll help guide you step by step.

"Where do I find monologues?"

  • Wherever you'd like! We accept monologues from any source material, not just published plays, so feel free to pull from your favorite book, TV show, movie, or even another podcast! (Just make sure they're around 90 seconds long.)
  • Here is a helpful website.

  • Here are a few of our monologues (some will need to be cut to fit the time limit).

"I want to be a Creator and I have an idea that isn't fleshed out enough to apply as a Creator, but I don't know where to start!"

  • Apply as a writer! The best way to learn is through some hands-on work and we at Goose Thunder are happy to help answer your questions. When you are ready, you can apply as a creator at any time after you have been accepted into the Network.

"I am in a different network, can I still join this one?"

  • Absolutely. If you are already in one network, you may apply to this one. We just cannot accept shows that are also being hosted in another network. If you're hosting "Fancy Lads in Cool Hats the Podcast" with the Super Podcast Network, we will, sadly, have to reject the Fancy Lads.

"What happens during auditions?"

  • Once you submit your audition, you won't hear from us until after the cycle closes. You will however receive a confirmation email, verifying that we received your audition. If you did not, please reach out to us.

"I auditioned last cycle and I didn't get in, can I audition again?"

  • Yep! You're welcome to keep auditioning each cycle.

"What kind of podcasts does Goose Thunder produce?"

  • We produce podcasts from a variety of creators, coming from all walks of life. Dominantly, we focus on uplifting marginalized voices and people from underrepresented backgrounds.

"Do you have an age requirement?"

  • Yes. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for the network.

  • We require our content creators and network participants to sign legal documents, you cannot sign these documents unless you are 18 years old.

"What are your policies? Do you have any specific diversity policies?"

  • Yes! You can find our Policies and Rules here and our Diversity and Inclusion Policies here.

"What's the deal with Bake Offs?"

If you have any further questions, feel free to Contact Us!

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